Excel calculator

This page contains a downloadable version of the Framingham and ASSIGN scores in an Excel spreadsheet, for use by persons wishing to calculate risk for large numbers of patients.

Excel file Click to download Excel calculator file

The Excel file contains two worksheets, one containing the calculations and the second page with help information. It is primarily designed as a research tool and not as a means of presenting risk values to patients "off-line". There are no embedded macros. Users should note that there is no error checking incorporated into the worksheet - please read the help worksheet within the file for more details. Users are expected to have sufficient technical know-how to use the worksheet correctly - please do not request technical advice or modifications. Although the calculations have been checked, please contact us if you find any errors we may have missed.


This Excel file has been provided with the hope that it will be useful, but without warranty, implied or explicit, of fitness for a particular purpose. The author will not accept responsibility for any injury, damages or other outcomes arising as a result, direct or indirect, of using this calculator.